I Own Luxury is an international luxury members only website offering exclusive access and discounts to the world’s leading luxury brands, products and celebrities.

We offer the very best in luxury items for high net worth individuals that want to own the very finest watches, jewellery and accessories that the world has to offer. I own Luxury connects discerning individuals with prestige brands and offers bespoke design and tailor made products from all of our partner’s.

Based in the City of London and with offices in New York, we are perfectly located to have direct access to the most exclusive design houses and boutiques. Private meeting’s can be arranged with the leading art, lifestyle and brand studios to offer direct, exclusive access to the people at the heart of global luxury.

If you would like to apply for membership, please contact us on our main telephone number, by way of email or through our contact form on this website. One of our team will contact you within two hours of receipt.