THE HOUSE OF RADHA has a very prestigious history, while the label is still young and established just over one year ago she has showcased in London Fashion Week in February 2017 while also being nominated for Britain’s Top Designer award in Fashion’s Finest & showcased Alongside Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Collection in Portugal.  The Designer debuted her new collection in Paris Fashion Week, as part of OxfordFashionStudio where her collection “Light Through the Darkness” was received to great acclaim by the international press and Fashion Industry.

Garment should do more than clothe a body, it must become an experience for the wearer.  Fashion is an art, a platform to express feelings of emotion, joy and sensuality.  The personal narrative of each piece is a combination of strength, empowerment and love.  These elements are achieved and captured in the bespoke and unique surface prints, tailored for each individual look.

Customers are made to feel strong, empowered and part of a magical experience that only when you wear one of the hand crafted garments do you appreciate all the love that has gone into each piece. Her collections withhold meaning beyond the fabric, she incorporates aspects such as nature, architecture, cultures and music…

Using only the highest quality luxury fabrics that capture the beautiful textile surface prints that are all handcrafted by the Designer herself. The Fashion events even embody the essence of the Label by featuring Catwalk models from all ethnic backgrounds and cultures to make it a universal show and everyone being equal on the fashion runway.  Radha Singh is a designer with a pure heart, opening her mind and allowing all to indulge within her beautiful and passion filled garments.

She was born in the North East of England and comes from an Indian Sikh background. Being brought up in a creative family, design is woven within her DNA.   The Designer spent time in the beautiful island of Ibiza where music is seen, as much more than just a place to dance and have fun, but to escape into another world of euphoria and feel the positive energy of the island. This is why she developed the Label to celebrate both the House Music and Fashion that brings a connection through each and everyone of us….

House Of Radha

Grace and Beauty

This is a stunning Fishtail dress with an elegant train that captures the shape of the beautiful peacock that the dress is inspired by. The outfit has an intricately designed cape with a high neck collar and gold clasp fastening.
Fabric Print Narrative There is an intricate paisley and peacock print that represents the grace & beauty of the female. Only when she gradually builds her confidence and becomes stronger that is when she will blossom.
The cape has a beautiful cherry blossom tree illustration throughout the fabric that represents fragility and the beauty of life that overwhelmingly it is tragically short.

House Of Radha

Spiritual Guidance 1

This is a statement dress with a bold and intricate print. The dress is fitted with a three layered traine. You can wear the look with a short cropped printed bomber jacket that completes the look.
Fabric Print Narrative The print represents the Spiritual Guidance that the Buddha gives and seeing the true way the world is and how to help others realise their path using spirituality and peace.
The print of the cobras represents the Mucalinda serpent king that comes from beneath the earth to protect the Gautama Buddha as he meditates. The elements of peace, love, protection, spirituality and patience is captured in this beautifully illustrated print.

House Of Radha

Heart of a Lioness

This is a stunning Silk gown with a halter neck that ties around the neck. The dress has a sequinned high waistband. A soft fur shawl can be worn as a cover up around the shoulders to complete the look.

Fabric Print Narrative There is only one king of the animal kingdom, but without his lioness the lion can’t be complete. The dress captures the lion in a beautiful illustration along with the zodiac signs. The wearer is the lioness and shows her power, strength, love and wisdom to stand proud in the beautiful design.

House Of Radha

Rise of the Phoenix

The look consists of a corset and a full skirt with an asymmetric waist band. The Corset is structured with metal boning, with a beautiful feather print. The skirt has an ombre effect that goes from orange, pink and yellow with the same intricate print in gold.
Fabric Print Narrative Rise of the phoenix print represents ones regeneration and a positive new journey that begins with love and light